The Rise of the Nones

The fastest growing religious affiliation in the United States is no affiliation at all. It’s been called the rise of the “Nones” – people who do not consider themselves Christian or Hindu, Baptist or Methodist, Catholic or Protestant.

In a recent study by the Barna Group on the most post-Christian cities in America, Denver ranked number 14. To qualify as “post-Christian,” individuals identify as atheist or agnostic, have never made a commitment to Jesus, have not attended church in the last year or have not read the Bible in the last week.
Unlike football, we don’t want Denver to be number one!

We Believe in the Local Church

While we believe Mountainview is a great church, we also know that Mountainview is just one church in an area that needs more healthy churches.

Only 20% of American churches are growing – and only 5% of those churches are growing by reaching lost people. In other words, 95% of the church growth we celebrate is really a matter of existing Christians shuffling from church to church.

That’s why we want to see churches thrive across South Denver. Mountainview is honored to provide ministry support to smaller churches (at little-to-no cost) during their times of need.

Ways We Can Help

Preaching and Teaching

We have provided guest or interim preaching during pastoral transitions, helping churches to have consistent, quality teaching.

Coaching and Consulting

Our team has valuable experiences across a variety of ministry areas. We can provide leadership consulting for elders, boards, or staff members

Creative Support

Our philosophy is simple: Whatever creative elements we create we are willing to share for free. This includes sermon branding and graphics, testimony videos, and more.

Small Groups

Every fall we create our own LifeGroup DVD’s which include teaching and discussion questions. You are also welcome to attend our trainings.

Children and Students

We have children and students from local churches who participate in our midweek programming or who attend special events such as Vacation Bible School, mission trips, etc. All are welcome!

For More Information

Ken Hensley

Senior Pastor

Tracy VanVleet

Executive Pastor