Our Vision Looking Forward

We believe Denver needs more healthy, growing churches.

Our Mountainview Vision

Our vision takes only one sentence to write but will require the supernatural assistance of God to accomplish:

Mountainview will impact South Denver and beyond by fostering a movement to start healthy 3G (Glorify, Grow, and Go) campuses and churches.

Denver needs more healthy, growing churches.

Mountainview: Forward

We are confidently pursuing what we believe is a God-inspired future.  Through our local and global efforts, we are helping people find their way back to God by starting new churches and supporting missional efforts.

The outward-focus of Mountainview has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. As our former senior pastor, Jim Phillips, was fond of saying, “We have been blessed to be a blessing.” Generosity and outreach are key parts of Mountainview’s culture.

As we look to the future, we know there is still much work to do. Denver needs a healthy, growing Mountainview because Denver needs more healthy, growing churches. We will be continuing our support of Elevation Christian in Aurora as well as Front Range in Castle Rock. In addition, we will be providing monthly support to new churches in Lone Tree and North Denver.

While we support new churches in and around Denver, we also have a commitment to growing Mountainview. There are too many people in our own surrounding communities who do not have a relationship with Jesus. We have a responsibility to do something about that.

We are looking forward to growing and extending Mountainview’s impact to the point of needing to open a second campus sometime in the next few years. Why? Because that will mean more people in a saved relationship with Jesus, more marriages on the mend, and more children growing up in godly homes.

Supporting Churches Across South Denver

We believe in the local church and want to see churches thrive across South Denver. Mountainview is honored to provide ministry support to smaller churches (at no cost) during their times of need. This includes …

  • Guest or interim preaching during pastoral transitions
  • Leadership consulting for elders, boards, or staff members
  • Sharing creative elements such as sermon branding elements
  • Free LifeGroup materials, including discussion DVD’s
  • Participation in regular programming and activities for smaller youth groups

If you or your church is interested in starting a conversation, please email our Senior Pastor, Ken Hensley.

Discovering Mountainview

This four-part growth track is designed to help you connect to the church, discover how God created you for significance, develop habits to grow in your faith, and find ways to use your God-given strengths to make a difference in the lives of others.