Meet Our Pastor

Tonya and I met in college and were married in 1990. My undergraduate degrees are in American Studies and Bible and I’ve also earned an MBA from Western Governors University. Tonya is an elementary school teacher in Parker and loves her job! We have two adult daughters who live in Minnesota and Colorado.

We are humbled by your confidence in us. We relocated from San Diego to South Denver because we were excited about the vision of Mountainview reaching people who did not have a relationship with Jesus. We believed there was tremendous potential both inside and outside of Mountainview. We are still excited and are still convinced that South Denver needs healthy, growing churches. More so, God has blessed our church with the human resources (that means you!) to make a significant impact on South Denver and the world.

I love the local church! Over the last thirty years, my wife and I have served wonderful churches in San Diego, San Francisco, and Atlanta. In 2005, my wife and I were hired by Stadia to plant a new church in San Diego. We continue to be involved in supporting church planters across the Front Range of Colorado.

My background includes working in several start-up environments, including the early team at We were backed by Sequoia Capital, an investor in companies like Apple and Google. My role was in business development with a special focus on churches and ministries.

Mountainview is a resilient church that has always looked forward. Beginning with our days in the grade school, we have had a willingness to reach people no one else was reaching. That often meant we had to do things no other church was doing. That heartbeat will not change. As our former Senior Pastor, Jim Phillips, was fond of saying, we have been blessed to be a blessing. He was right. We have been blessed in so many ways — with talents, abilities, resources, and much more. It’s time we reignite our responsibility to be a blessing to others.

I’m proud of our staff. We have assembled a top-notch team that I would stack up against any other. I’m proud that over the past nine years we have helped start new churches in Aurora, Castle Rock, Erie, Green Valley Ranch, Loveland, Centennial, and Colorado Springs. I’m proud that we have a significant presence in foreign places. We have two couples from Mountainview who have served full-time in the mission field (Tony and Freddie Herrera and Joe and Jennifer Brown).

And I’m proud of you. This is your church. You serve, teach, encourage, lead, invite, pray, and give. We are not a building; we are a movement of God in South Denver.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in me. Our best days are always ahead of us!

— Pastor Ken

Everyone Needs a Few Passions

Here are a few things that catch my fancy on a regular basis:

  • Fine-tuning my ability to communicate God’s truth clearly.
  • Finding ways to leverage new technologies to grow the kingdom.
  • Investing relationally in up-and-coming leaders.
  • Helping church planters grow healthy churches.
  • Drinking good coffee.
  • Watching baseball.

Ministry Beyond Mountainview

In addition to his work as senior pastor, Ken has also served on the board of directors for several non-profits. These include:

  • Church Planters of the Rockies, a group dedicated to starting new churches along the Front Range.
  • Bridge of Hope, a ministry dedicated to helping single moms find housing and mentoring.
  • Opportunity Camp, a camp in San Francisco that serves kids in foster care.
  • Living Faith Christian Fellowship, one of Mountainview’s church plants.

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