Discover how you fit into God's plan

What is Discovering Mountainview?

Discovering Mountainview is a four-part growth track designed to help you connect to the church, discover how God created you for significance, develop habits to grow in your faith, and find ways to use your God-given strengths to make a difference in the lives of others. Offered online and in-person on Sunday mornings (10:30 am upstairs in the Great Room), these sessions will help you whether you are brand new to Mountainview or have been around a while and are looking to take your next step. For more information, contact Matt Cass (

Spiritual Gifts

This first class serves as the introduction to the entire Discovering Mountainview series. You will learn a bit more about spiritual gifts and your unique SHAPE as well as some suggestions on how to grow those gifts deeper. The class includes a free spiritual gifts assessment that’s yours to keep and use.


As a church we want to see our members grow in their relationship with Jesus. While weekend services, LifeGroups, and other ministries are of tremendous benefit, they are incomplete apart from regular and personal interaction with God. Class two in Discovering Mountainview is about having a look at your relationship with God and ways to deepen it through regular time in the Bible and in prayer. In addition, you will see how Mountainview works to provide you with the resources to grow in these areas.


Mountainview is a diverse church with many different ministry areas. What makes those ministries go is our volunteers. Discovering Mountainview class three serves two distinct purposes. First, it highlights all of the many different ministries of our church and what all is involved in making them work. Second, it encourages all members to find their particular place(s) of ministry with which to be involved and to serve. Once you know how God has gifted you and you are intentional in growing deeper with Him, the logical next step is to put in practice what you are learning by serving others.


Discovering Mountainview concludes with a session focused on the vision we believe God has for our church here in Highlands Ranch and the South Denver Metro area. You will learn about our unique history and why we do things the way we do. The class involves a look at our statement of faith and also provides an opportunity to place membership with Mountainview.

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Class Teaching By

Ken Hensley

Senior Pastor

Rebecca Goodenow

Discipleship Pastor