More than Dollars and Cents

Our annual ministry plan is not a budget - it's a plan to change lives.

Annual Ministry Plan

While discussing a budget may not sound all that exciting, it is actally focused on the future. A budget is about more than dollars and cents; it’s about lives being transformed by the power of God.

The Greatest Stories

are written by those who walk in faith. They are disciplined dreamers who take Jesus at his word and live accordingly:

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you” (Jesus, as recorded in Matthew 17:20).

A budget is about more than dollars and cents; it’s about lives being transformed by the power of God.

2021-2022 Ministry Plan

I love our church. I love THE church. I love the church because I’ve been the beneficiary of its love and support. I also understand no church is perfect – but then again, neither am I!

But the main reason I love the church is because Jesus loves the church – and he gave his life for her. He didn’t give his life for a building, an institution, or a a particular denomination.

Jesus gave his life for people – people (like you and me and our neighbors) who had lost their way by losing their relationship with God. After ascending back to the Father, Jesus left the task of helping lost people find their way back to God to one specific group of people – the church.

Our 2021-2022 Ministry Plan is designed to help you live the kind of life that Jesus honors and blesses. What does that life look like? It is one that glorifies God, grows to be like Jesus, and is equipped to go into the world.

As I look ahead to the next ministry season at Mountainview, I believe these three values will characterize our church in an increasing way:

  • Health … spiritual health enables us to do more good for God
  • Generosity … stewardship frees us from the trap of selfishness
  • Multiplication … healthy, generous churches reproduce

Within this Ministry Plan are time commitments, programs, and finances. But please don’t misunderstand me — God is not after your time, talent, or treasure. He is eternal, all-powerful, and definitely not financially strapped.

God is after your heart. You are what God wants the most … more than your time, talent, or treasures. He wants you.

I hope you will prayerfully consider how you will support the mission of your church.

May God’s favor be with you!

Pastor Ken Hensley

Ministry Plan Highlights

  • Total Budget: $1,450,297
  • Fixed Expenses: $1,245,887
  • Weekly Need: $$27,890
  • Ministry Spending: $104,410
  • Missions Spending: $100,000

Your generosity will help fund two new churches as well as our new Community Engagement staff position.

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How Does the Ministry Plan Happen?

It Begins with Prayer

Our elders and staff believe that God responds to our prayers. As we approach our planning season, we spend dedicated time in prayer – seeking God’s direction.

The Planning Process

Beginning in June of each year, our finance team begins assembling information regarding income and expenses. This is then provided to our senior leadership. We base our planning off of the previous fiscal year’s income. Mountainview’s staff then meets for an extended planning meeting. Each of our proposed spending items must be in accordance with our 3G mission (Glorify, Grow, Go).

Approval and Affirmation

Following our extended staff planning, our senior leadership presents a proposed ministry plan to our elders for final approval. Once it has received elder approval, it must be affirmed by at least 75% of our members.

Financial Accountability

Every January we have a full audit performed by the accounting firm Posti and Adams. This full audit is provided to our mortgage company as well as our elder team.

Our Fiscal Year

Our fiscal year is October 1 through September 30 of the following year.