Our Men’s Ministry has on-going Bible Studies that meet each week.

On Wednesday night, our men’s Resolution Bible study is studying from the book “Resolutions.” The group is focusing on Chapters 14 and 15 from February 4-11. As with all the groups in this book study, the men are learning things that are written in scripture that they were never taught. In learning these responsibilities of being a man for GOD the desire to be a better husband and father is making a big impact to these men.

Our Thursday morning men’s Bible Study are studying Mere Christianity. The work is divided into four main sections (called books) we are finishing book three and starting book four. The exact chapters we will be reviewing are: Hope, Faith, Faith, Making & Begetting. The study is scheduled to conclude February 12. Starting February 19 the group will begin a seven-week study called Seven Questions that Rattle in the Minds of Men.

The Friday morning men’s Bible Study is studying from the book called “Engaging God’s Word – Revelation.” The group will be focusing on Lessons 11 through 17 from February 6-March 20.