Hello All,

I marvel at our Great God and the beauty of His creation we woke up to this morning!  Here is a glimpse of a few more of the ways I have seen Him at work.

  • After meeting with a child and asking why he wanted to be baptized, he declared “I’m excited to open the gift of Jesus!”
  • I saw two families dedicate their children to the Lord.  It’s worth repeating every single time.  I so believe that commitment literally is what changes the world.
  • I saw the worship team that dedicates so much of their time to our church, enjoying fun and fellowship together.
  • I saw Phil and Kyle once again spend a crazy amount of time and staff support them to put together a wonderful stage set that will be used by God to help tell His story.
  • I heard a gal talk about how God orchestrated circumstances to lead her to just the right life group that has been such a blessing for her.
  • I saw a room full of people at Vision Night give of their Friday night to leave excited about what God is doing at Mountainview.
  • I saw a gal at service unabashedly worshipping our God with all that she had.

I know there are so many more ways that God is at work through you and your ministries and I’m so thankful for each of you.

Tracy Van Vleet

Director of Ministries