Hello All,

Whew – I’m not sure what happened to September :). I do know though that God has been at work in mighty ways as the building has been the center of a bustle of activity. It’s amazing to be here early on a weekday morning, on a week night, or a Saturday morning and see rooms filled with people of all ages digging in to God’s Word, challenging and encouraging each other, making and strengthening friendships, and having fun.

Here is a glimpse of some of the specifics I have seen.

  • I saw a child walk in to the building with her Bible open working on memorizing the books.
  • I saw students lead with excellence at 24/7 and a college student remark on how happy he is that his schedule worked out so he can still lead a group of kids.
  • I saw a woman encourage another going through a tough time with a hug, a listening ear, and a reminder of God’s presence through scripture.
  • I see people each week flock to get message CDs from this Hope series that they can share with friends.
  • I see people inviting friends to church and hear stories of how impacted the friends are by the service.
  • I have seen guests welcomed with open arms and connections made.
  • I see people caring for each other through prayer, providing a meal and acts of service.

What a privilege and joy it is to serve with each of you as you allow God to work through you to further His kingdom.