Hello All,

As we approach Easter, it’s impossible to fully wrap my mind around the love God has for us and the sacrifice of Jesus. It’s also mind boggling to me that God chooses to work through people and that He would allow me to be a small part of that. And, I’m so thankful to be able to serve with each of you.

Here are some of the ways, I’ve seen Him at work.

  • I saw, as we all have, the incredible moments of the baptisms this year as people of all ages have declared their love and devotion to our Lord and surrendered their lives to Him. It will be amazing to see the ways God works through their lives.
  • I saw people give up their Saturday morning to spring clean the church and work on our landscaping as we prepare for our guests on Easter.
  • I saw Kyle mentor a student on the sound system and the student loving every minute of it. What a difference it makes when we invest in the next generation.
  • I see people each weekend happily “serving one and worshipping one”.
  • I saw the worship team doing a devotional together and praying together as they prepared their hearts to lead us into God’s presence as we glorified Him together.
  • I saw Mountainview members walk across the room to introduce themselves to people they didn’t know.