By Tracy Van Vleet, Director of Ministries

Hello All,

I’m thankful for all the ways God allows me to see Him at work in our midst. I’ve been thinking though about all our Mighty God does that is unseen. A couple weeks ago, in the span of one hour, I had conversations with 4 different people who are hurting – kids who have been through two divorces, a student whose mom is battling cancer, a woman who recently lost her husband, and a woman who was newly divorced. I hurt for each of them and the countless others that I don’t even know about. There are no words to describe how grateful I am that our God sees and hears all. And, that He chooses to work through people and we are privileged to serve Him in His church.

So, here is a glimpse of what I have seen.

  • I saw Dan and Julia Fink work behind the scenes to develop a system of care to respond to prayer requests.
  • I saw men and women gathered on a Wednesday night to study God’s Word and encourage each other.
  • I saw the creativity of Kyle and Chris on our wonderful new set design.
  • I saw Encounter Kids have alphabet and pirate fun while learning about what will be the foundation of their faith.
  • I heard two beautiful little voices singing Jesus Loves Me one morning. Oh, for us all to have the faith of a child and know, really know, how much Jesus loves us.
  • I saw a woman give with incredible joy as her husband now supported her in giving to Mountainview after several years of being against it.
  • I saw families enjoy donuts and the playground together as they made and strengthened connections with each other.
  • I saw youth sponsors so clearly invested in the lives of students.

Thank you for all that you each do; most of which goes unseen by all except our Heavenly Father.