As always, we have much to be thankful for at how God is working at Mountainview. Here is just a glimpse.

  • I saw students gather early Sunday morning to learn about what it means to be leaders and serve their fellow students.
  • I saw kids – and parents 🙂 – walk out of church with their “listening ears” on. Oh, what a difference it would make if we all kept those ears on throughout the week.
  • I saw a mentor on the steps sharing life with a student. That’s a game changer in the life of a student.
  • I saw the building buzzing Tuesday night with increased numbers at all E4U classes, 24/7, and Encounter Kids.
  • I saw kids and parents excitedly piling into the vans for Snow Camp. It’s amazing the work God does when we get away even just for 24 hours.
  • I saw Encoreagers dressed in their Elvis best to have fun dancing and playing games at his birthday party last night.

Thanks to all of you for the difference you make for so many,