What a privilege it is to serve our Great God!  Here are some ways I have seen Him at work in our midst.

  • I saw one kid show another how to find a verse in the Bible at 24/7 and then the new student willing to share what the verse meant to him.
  • I heard an E4U participant say how thankful she is for the adult education opportunities we offer and how she has grown through the varied topics and teachers.
  • I saw ladies praise our God through yoga and Him speak through a devotional on how much He loves us.
  • I heard there was a great turnout for the men’s breakfast as Casey Franklin, one or our church planters, shared on why we need new churches.
  • I saw kids experience a cool science lesson in conjunction with a Bible story at life group child care.
  • I saw kids excited for the first rehearsal of Holy Moses, our Spring musical.