As most of you know, I went to a leadership conference a couple weeks ago. As such, I’ve been thinking about the incredible leaders God has blessed us with at this church. It all starts with you though. I’m so thankful for the leadership of our elders, of Ken, and each of you as you lead your ministries. The fruit of your labor is evident in so many ways. Here is a glimpse.

  • I saw children’s and student small group leaders give their Saturday morning to learn about how to make a difference for the next generation.
  • I saw leaders in the Care ministry enthusiastically invite others to join them in caring for others through meals, prayer, and practically helping others in tough times.
  • I saw leaders of our mission team gather to celebrate all that God has done through trips and plan how best to equip our people to GO into the world to make a difference for the Kingdom.
  • I saw adult life group leaders soak in every minute of teaching from Dave Enns and have since heard them talk about it and how much they learned.
  • I saw students gather early on a Sunday morning to learn how to lead their peers and saw this leadership in action as they prepared for Engage.
  • I saw women gather to pray and learn about how to effectively lead in women’s ministry this fall and heard about their passion for connecting and building relationships.
  • I see members of the worship team give many hours of their weekend with hearts to GLORIFY God and lead us into His presence.
  • I have worked with E4U leaders as they are preparing their lessons and praying for God to work through them this fall to help people GROW in Christ.

It’s going to be amazing to see how God continues to work through you and your leaders this fall at Mountainview.