• Thank you for the tireless ways you serve our God and His church. I am so thankful for each of you. Here is just a snap shot of how I’ve seen God at work.
  • I heard about Encounter kids in line at Target after class one night talk to each other how God makes them strong.
  • I have seen people gathered in prayer circles between services, during worship night, after worship night, and in the prayer room before service.
  • I saw Dan reach out to a man who recently lost his wife with such care and compassion in just the moment he needed it.
  • I have heard voices lifted high in worship.
  • I heard a man exclaim “This church is amazing!” after he was blessed by Holly Long and the In Step ministry.
  • I heard about a 6 year old talk on the way to 24/7 about how he couldn’t wait to get here and worship because he loves it so much.
  • I saw the body of Christ come together in such a beautiful way to celebrate Jonas’ life and support his family.
  • I saw people give of their Saturday morning to rake leaves in our community.
  • I have heard couples talk about what a difference the Financial Peace class is making in their lives.

Our God is so good!