It’s an amazing thing to take a step back on a Sunday morning and see just a glimpse of how God is at work.

  • I saw new volunteers serving with joy.
  • I talked to a gal who we came alongside early on in her time at Mountainview during a crisis and heard her praise God for bringing her and her family to this church.
  • I saw kids of all ages having fun in their classes, learning about God, and excited to see their friends.
  • I saw people engaged in the message and heard afterward how much it impacted them.
  • I saw God glorified through our worship.
  • I saw sacrifice in serving when it would have been easier to “call in sick” and yet showing up and serving joy in their hearts.
  • I saw the fruit of the unseen service that so many of our folks do to get ready for weekend services.
  • I saw students in their Bibles reading together and learning what God had to say to them.
  • I saw Cyndi McCormick preparing for a class and describing how they have bonded together supporting each other during the toughest of times.
  • I saw Mountainview folks bring friends excited to show off their church.

What an honor it is to serve with each of you and be a small part of what God is doing on this corner in Highlands Ranch on weekends and throughout the week.