Hello All,

I simply love this time of year.  The blooms on the trees are such beautiful reminders of the new life we celebrated last weekend.
Here are some of the other ways I’ve seen God at work.
  • I saw teachers from the elementary class a couple weeks ago remark on how much they enjoyed the teaching by our mission team and how much they themselves learned.
  • I saw Stephen Ministers come along side new care receivers to help them through difficult times.
  • I saw a child come up to Ken in the lobby and give him a dollar as his offering.  Oh my, how God will use and bless the offering from a pure heart.
  • I heard about a second grader overflowing with joy after praying for the first time.
  • At Tetelestai, I saw tears streaming down faces as people were impacted in countless ways as I imagine that like me they found it hard to put into words what Jesus’ sacrifice really means.
  • On Easter, I saw families learning together, I saw God glorified through the worship, I saw volunteers step up to joyfully serve, I saw a tremendous celebration of our Risen Lord.