“For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you.
He is a mighty Savior.
He will rejoice over you with great gladness.
With His love, He will calm all your fears.
He will exult over you by singing a happy song.”
Zephaniah 3:17 (NLT)

It is with a heavy heart that I saw the news this morning; the French flags all over social media; Paris and the Tour Eiffel on all televisions… a place that I still call home.

But Colossians 3:2 says: “Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth.”

Today, I choose to set my heart on the things of God, to see His goodness and faithfulness around us. I invite you to rejoice with me for the things He has done where we have lived, and served, and loved our neighbors for the past four years.

On Friday, Tony came with me to deliver a lamb to one of the single moms I have encouraged, loved on, prayed for, and accompanied for the past year. Her name is “Sammy”, she is the mother of 2 young boys. After battling with chronic depression for a long time and being rejected over and over by her own mother, “Sammy” is now the proud owner of a small farm. She raises ducks, rabbits, chickens; she even has four sheep and two goats. This mom begun the project with one sewing machine and a broken heart. I opened my arms and she shared her tears with me; I took her by the hand, and look just how far she has come.

At the prison here in town, the work has been a definite challenge. Opposition from the guards and some of the inmates have threatened the sustainability of the project many times. However, through it all, we still have six ladies who participate in the sewing training. They are motivated, and dedicated as they have chosen a new and brighter future for themselves and their families. Against all odds.

As far as the baby homes go, all is well, actually. The training that I have organized is finally being put into practice. The nurses read stories to the babies, and sometimes even come up with their own; the children have a nice room to play in.

For all these reasons and many more, I have chosen to rejoice today, because He is the One who sustains, who gives us hope, and who makes all things new.

“Then the One seated on the throne said,
“Look! I am making everything new.” “
Revelation 21:5

Praying you experience God’s blessings today and always,

Freddie Herrera (for the whole family)