A Weekend Worship Experience on a Thursday Night

Gathering together on a weekly basis for worship, encouragement, teaching, and testimony simply makes our lives better.

What to Expect on a Thursday Night

Same Message

As our "Early Weekend Service," the Thursday night service will feature the same live teaching as the upcoming Saturday and Sunday services. Thursday Nights will kick-off our weekend teaching, allowing you to not miss any part of a teaching series.

Similar Music

Because our worship team has a significant commitment on Saturday and Sunday, we will not be asking them to lead on Thursday as well. Our Thursday Night music will be led by Jay and will be a simplified, more acoustic version of our Saturday and Sunday services. The song line-up will be similar, if not identical, to the Saturday and Sunday line-up. The only time there will be differences will be due to the variation of instrumentation.

Communion and Creative Elements

We will have communion stations on Thursday Nights because we believe there is something vitally important about weekly communion. In addition to communion, our Thursday Night service will feature the same creative elements that will be used on Saturday and Sunday. This includes videos, testimonies, artwork, and more.

Programming for Kids

Our Family Ministry team will offer programming for kids nursery through 5th grade in a format similar to our Saturday night services. This provides the same safe environment for your kids to learn about the love of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them. When we have our regular "family service weekends," Thursday night will be included as well.

Same Friendly Atmosphere

We'll still be the same friendly people you encounter on Saturday or Sunday ... only this will be on a Thursday night! The mission and vision of Mountainview remains the same. In fact, it's because of our mission and vision that we are testing a Thursday Night service. We believe it will be a wonderful way to introduce a friend or neighbor to Jesus and his church.

Why Add a Thursday Night Worship Service?

It’s too simple to say, “Why can’t people just attend a Saturday or Sunday service?”

Our world is changing. Today’s life is busy and our weekends are full of sports, outdoor activities, family time, and work.We live in a society that no longer gives deference to Sunday mornings.

That’s why we launched a weekly Thursday Night worship experience to help you and your neighbors connect with God and each other on a regular basis.

When the culture shifts, it is right for the church to shift methods in order to be effective at reaching people. When our culture changes, Christians have two options: we can either complain about how many things happen now on Sundays or we can be missionaries to the culture we are living in.

Thursday nights gives us the chance to be mission-minded toward those whose weekends are complicated or busy.

People whose kids travel to play sports, the restaurant industry, blended families, medical professionals, law enforcement and fire fighters, and the list could go on. We will be better at reaching out to these people by having a Thursday night option.

It’s our hope that offering a worship experience during the week will open new doors for reaching new people, while making it possible for our current attenders who are not always able to come on the weekends to still experience a weekly worship gathering.

Our Weekend Speakers

Ken Hensley

Senior Pastor

In addition to serving as our senior pastor, Ken is also a husband and father of two daughters (both in college!). Tonya is a first grade teacher at Southeast Christian School in Parker and they have been married for nearly 28 years

Phil Christian

Family and Teaching Pastor

Phil and his wife, Tara, have one son - Isaac. Tara is a teacher in the Cherry Creek School District.

Easy to Find

Mountainview is located in Highlands Ranch at the intersection of Broadway and Highlands Ranch Parkway, less than one mile from C-470.

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