Past Sermons

Life-Changing Teaching

Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

Series Overview

Nobody likes to feel stuck. Nobody sets out intending to spend his or her life living in a rut. Yet many people do and don’t know how to get unstuck. We will explore three specific topics that often get people stuck: their past, their failures, and their lack of purpose.

April 11-12 – Unstuck from Your Past (Ken)

Many people are spiritually, emotionally, or relationally handicapped by things that happened in their past. These are either things done to them or things they have done. The good news of Jesus is that our past does not define us.

April 18-19 – Unstuck from Your Failure (Ken)

How do you respond to failure? For some, they will get stuck there – unable to move forward or unwilling to try again. For the Christ-follower, we know that no failure is ever final. If we are able to learn from our failures, we will grow and mature.

April 25-26 – Unstuck to Find Your Future (Ken)

Without a sense of destiny, we will get stuck living for the mundane rather than the magnificent. Not only does God have a plan for your life, he has a purpose as well. To keep moving forward through good times and bad requires a deeper motivation than temporary circumstances can provide.


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