Past Sermons

Life-Changing Teaching

Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

The Promise

December 3-24, 2017

This will be our Christmas series and will focus on the prophecies made concerning Jesus. Each prophecy will have a New Testament passage showing its fulfillment. The purpose of the series will be to establish confidence in Jesus as the Son of God and to celebrate God’s plan of salvation.

Born of a Virgin

December 2-3, 2017

This introductory message will explore the faith of Mary and the tension it created between her and Joseph. This young teenager had her doubts about the process but was willing to trust God with the outcome.

Born in Bethlehem

December 9-10, 2017

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Although he was from the throne of David, this King was born outside in a manger. There was no room at the inn. Do we make room for Jesus today or do we still force him to the outside?

Healing the Brokenhearted

December 16-17, 2017

One of the prophecies concerning Jesus had to do with the effects of his ministry. In one of the most reassuring passages in scripture, Isaiah reminds us that God is not out to crush us but to heal us. Jesus himself accepts this mission when he announces his messianic purpose.

A Sacrifice For Sins

December 23-24, 2017

Jesus was the Messiah born to die. From the very beginning, his mission and purpose were clear: to offer his life as a ransom. He is the perfect Lamb of God who “takes away the sins of the world.”

End of Year – Daily Trust

December 30-31, 2017