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Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

Series Overview

Using John 18-20 as our text, we will walk through the last seven days of Jesus’ life — from his betrayal to his resurrection. We will explore each of the different aspects of that week and why they are still important today. The series will culminate on Easter Sunday.

February 6-7: Betrayed and Arrested – John 18:1-14 (Ken Hensley)

Jesus himself experienced of life’s most difficult realities: betrayal. He wasn’t betrayed by a stranger but by a friend; by someone that he had recruited, spent considerable time with, and loved.

February 13-14: Denied – John 18:15-27 (Ken Hensley)

Peter wanted to be close to Jesus, but not too close. As Jesus predicted, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. But we shouldn’t be too hard on Peter — we each have denied Jesus in our own way.

February 20-21: Sentenced – John 18:28-19:15 (Ken Hensley)

Pilate asks two very important questions during the trial of Jesus. The first one is, “What is truth?” The second one, “Don’t you realize I have power either to free you or crucify you?” Both questions reveal different aspects of human nature: our quest for truth and the belief that we are in control.

February 27-28: Fulfilled – John 19:16-24 (Chris Wilson)

The story of the soldiers casting lots for the clothing of Jesus seems small and insignificant. That is, until you realize that this is one more fulfillment of prophesy. What seems to be the simple act of taking a dying man’s clothes is in reality another verification of Jesus being the Son of God.

March 5-6: Family – John 19:25-27 (Ken Hensley)

Even as Jesus is dying, he is still concerned about his mother. Taking up one paragraph within these three chapters, this tells how important family was to Jesus and how much he trusted John the apostle.

March 12-13: Finished – John 19:28-37 (Ken Hensley)

“Knowing that everything had now been finished …” Jesus was not only aware of what was happening to him but why it was happening to him. When uttered his last words, “It is finished,” he wasn’t just talking about the expiration of his life. He was talking about the completion of God’s plan of salvation.

March 19-20: Buried – John 19:38-42 (Ken Hensley)

What do we learn from the burial of Jesus? For one, he was buried in a borrowed tomb. Even in death, Jesus relied on the generosity of others. We also see the reemergence of Nicodemus, who first appeared in John 3 as a seeker who questioned Jesus. Does this indicate a change in what Nicodemus believed about Jesus?

March 26-27: Alive! Easter – John 20 (Ken Hensley)

Of all seven days, the last day is the best day. It’s Resurrection Sunday and Jesus is alive! From an apologetics standpoint, it’s significant that Mary Magdalene is the first one to discover the empty tomb and interact with the Risen Lord. In ancient Jewish culture, the best way to build a case would not be to have a female be your key witness. May each of us have such an encounter with Jesus that we could say like Mary Magdalene, “I have seen the Lord!”


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