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Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

Series Overview

What would be on your grown-up Christmas list? As Christ-followers, we take our lead from Jesus. Why did Jesus come from heaven to earth? What did he intend to bring? Using the Gospel of John, this series explores the passages where Jesus says, “I’ve come …” What Jesus sought to bring is what we ought to hope for.

November 29-30 – More Light, Less Darkness (John 12:44-46)</> // Graydon Jessup (Executive Director of Church Planters of the Rockies)

Jesus came to bring light because the world was a dark place. The world is still a dark place. South Denver has one of the highest percentages of unchurched people in the country. This message highlights the importance of church planting as one of the most effective ways of reaching new people.

December 6-7 – True Peace (John 16:-32-33) // Ken Hensley

Conflict and tribulation are inevitable. As Christ-followers, we can choose to face our circumstances with either hope or wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is a false hope not based on any reasonable evidence; we just wish would get better. Hope is grounded in the reality that Jesus has overcome the world.

December 13-14 – Lasting Joy (John 15:1-11) // Ken Hensley

Lasting joy is found in living for something beyond the moment. In our culture, obedience has a negative connotation – it is often portrayed as dreadful, etc. Jesus reminds us that being obedient leads to real, lasting joy. Jesus found his joy in his obedience to his Father. Therefore, we will find our joy in being obedient to God as well.

December 20-21 – Real Life (John 10:1-15) // Chris Wilson

When it comes to experiencing real life, our culture offers us poor substitutes to what we can find in Jesus. Our adversary seeks to steal, kill, or destroy what God has intended for us to enjoy.


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