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Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

Love Where You Live

January 7 – January 28

This opening series is designed to set the stage for our community involvement initiative. The second greatest commandment calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves – which means we must know them in order to love them. To reach an increasingly secular and hostile culture, Christians must learn to think and act missionally. Traditional methods of attracting people “back to church” will no longer work in a culture where an increasingly number of people have never been to church in the first place. The series will use the example of Paul as a model for engaging a secular culture.

January 6-7 – Love Your Neighbors by Serving Your Neighbors

Jesus refers to his followers as “salt and light,” which means that we are to have a beneficial influence on the people around us. Because of our influence, our communities out to be better and brighter. Loving your neighbors means earning the right to share your faith with them.

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January 13-14 – The Gospel Includes All Your Neighbors

When Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors he didn’t give us the right to pick which neighborhood. As the parable of the Good Samaritan indicates, we are to treat all people with love and respect – even those we disagree with politically or whose lifestyles offend us. We will never win people to Jesus if they believe we don’t like them.

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January 20-21 – Entering the World of Your Neighbors

An effective missionary learns the language and culture of the people he is trying to reach. To effectively reach lost people will require Jesus’ followers to think like missionaries – at
home, school, and work. Unfortunately, the longer a person is a Christian, the less significant time they are likely to spend with non-Christians.

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January 27-28 – Taking Redemptive Action

The end goal of loving and serving our neighbors is ultimately to lead them to faith in Jesus. This will require Christians to be intentional about how and when to share the gospel story. In fact, it will often require a series of intentional actions to bring about the right opportunity to share your faith. Learning from Paul’s example, we find that evangelism is more about a process than a one-time event.

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February 3-4 – Vision Weekend