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Life-Changing Teaching

Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

Is God?

This will be our follow-up series to Easter and is an examination of the attributes of God but
approaches it from a questioning perspective. Rather than say, “God is omnibenevolent” we
will ask the question, “Is God good?” This is designed to frame the conversation in a way that
many non-Christians often think about God.

April 7-8 – Is God Good?

While Christians talk about the goodness of God, not everyone believe God is always good.
Both Christians and non-Christians sometimes question God’s benevolent nature. It’s
usually phrased this way: “If God is good, then why ______?”

April 14-15 – Is God in Control?

What does the sovereignty of God mean? Are there such things as accidents? How does free
will factor into the providence of God? These are all questions that we ask when trying to
make sense of what is happening around us.

April 21-22 – Is God All Powerful?

We often refer to Almighty God – the idea that God has all power. The omnipotence of God
has both philosophical and very practical ramifications. Philosophically, it gets to the heart
of God’s authority. At a practical level, it’s about redemption and restoration.

April 28-29 – Is God Distant?

Is God everywhere? And if so, how is this different than the idea of pantheism? While these
are interesting questions, Frederick Buechner makes a good point: “It is not objective proof
of God’s existence that we want but … the experience of God’s presence.”

May 5-6 – Is God Just?

A common question has to do with God’s justness: Why do bad things happen to good
people? As Christians, we believe that God is just but that belief is tested when his ways are
not our ways. Because God is just, he has the right to establish standards and guidelines.

May 12-13 – Is God Loving?

Many people have the idea that God is angry all the time – or at the least, he is angry with
them. If he is loving, then why doesn’t he fix all the problems that we encounter? This
image of God is hard for some people to accept because their own human father was not
loving towards them.

May 19-20 – Is God Dependable?

Can you count on God? Is he trustworthy? This question cuts to the heart of what faith is all
about – being able to trust God. God does indeed keep his promises and is one-hundred
percent consistent in his character.

May 26-26 – Worship (stand alone message)