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Life-Changing Teaching

Mountainview is committed to providing life-changing teaching that is drawn from the Bible. We believe that practical teaching is one of the keys to developing spiritual maturity.

Series Overview

Jesus is the ultimate model of how to live in relationship to God. What habits did Jesus build into his life? This series examines nine of those habits and why we should adopt them into our own lives.

“Isolated incidents reveal little about an individual, but reflecting on patterns of behavior reveals the content of a person’s character and the values that person holds. The way we spend our time and resources is an expression of our values. Jesus told us this himself when he taught us that “each tree is known by its own fruit” (Luke 6:44). So reflecting on how Jesus spent his time should be instructive. What did he say over and over again? What did he do repeatedly?” – Christopher Maricle

January 31-February 1 – Jesus Prayed

Even though Jesus was fully divine, he still dedicated time to prayer. This should speak volumes to those of us who are not fully divine. You see how much of a priority this habit was for Jesus by witnessing the times he prayed when it was inconvenient.

February 7-8 – Jesus Defended Children

On several occasions, Jesus differs with his disciples over the place and presence of children. As opposed to his disciples, Jesus had the habit of welcoming children into his presence. This habit reflects the priority God places on the “little ones” among us.

February 14-15 – Jesus Practiced Thankfulness

Jesus had developed the habit of gratitude, even for seemingly small things such as “daily bread.” He modeled both the principle and power behind a thankful attitude. Do we focus on the negative or the positive? Have we developed the same ability to be thankful in all things?

February 21-22 – Jesus Served Others

Rather than demanding to be served, Jesus had the habit of serving people. This habit is seen in the miracles he performed as well as the actions he exhibited towards his disciples. Ultimately, his greatest act of service was dying on the cross.

February 28-March 1 – Jesus Used Scripture

Jesus had the habit of using Scripture to both defend himself and to establish his authority. This is best seen in the account of his temptation: three times he responds by quoting scripture.

March 7-8 – Jesus Sought Time Away

Though fully divine, Jesus was also fully human. We see this in his habit of finding time away from the crowds. Sometimes this is referred to in Scripture as “lonely places.” Jesus also validated the principle of the Sabbath.

March 14-15 – Jesus was Generous

Through the Gospels, Jesus displays a generous spirit. This was not accidental; it was a habit. He showed generosity through his miracles as well as his teaching. His generosity wasn’t dependent on what people did in return for him.

March 21-22 – Jesus Showed Compassion

Compassion for others does not come naturally for us. However, it is a habit that can be cultivated by remaining sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus consistently showed compassion. Compassion means to feel towards others the way that God feels towards them.

March 28-29 – Jesus Prioritized God’s Will

Jesus had made the seeking and fulfillment of God’s will a habit. He described it as his “food.” He consistently sought to bring God glory by the manner in which he behaved. As we approach Good Friday and Easter, his prayer in the garden highlights again his pursuit of God’s will: “Not my will but yours be done.”


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