Imagine feeding, changing, clothing and cleaning 30 children every day. Supplies diminish quickly and your help is incredibly appreciated to help us keep the shelves stocked. Robin’s Nest relies heavily on donations – not just monetary but material items as well.

We encourage teams to bring an extra suitcase with supplies from the list below. . Although the list frequently changes, many of the items are daily ongoing needs. While some items are difficult to find in Jamaica, others are simply more expensive than prices outside the country.

Please bring your donations before July 7. Click here for a printable version of this list..

Description Quantity
Black Shoe Polish 15
Large Storage Container (16 to 20 lbs., no more than 62 inches) 16
Communion Tray 1
Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
Fly Strips 15
Blueberry Whole Wheat Fig Bars from Costco 5
Raspberry Whole Wheat Fig Bars from Costco 5
Apple and Cinnamon Whole Wheat Fig Bars from Costco 5
Jumper Cables for vehicles 2
Little boy belts (ages 2-7) 25
Big Boy Belts (ages 8-13) 10
Black and Color Ink HP564
Black and Color Ink HP61
DeWalt Drill Bits (in the yellow box)
1/4″ Concrete Masonry Bits
3/8″ Concrete Masonry Bits
1/2″ Concrete Masonry Bits
3″ long x 3/8 thick Concrete Nails
3″ long x 1/4 thick Concrete Nails
Epsom Salt
Labels for Keys Many!
Strong Deadbolt
Smoke Detectors with Batteries
Remote Control Cars for Kids Birtthdays
Shaving Cream
Large Marshmallows 3 bags
Oriental Trading Inflatable Beach Balls (IN-48/6754 $11.99 a dozen) 2 dozen
Oriental Trading Snake Paper Chains (IN-3695677 $7.99 a dozen) 2 dozen
Oriental Trading Highest Power Bible Verse A Day Kit (IN-13693286 $29.99) 2 Kits
Oriental Trading Leap for the Lord Gunny Sack (IN-36/318 $4.99 each) 4
Oriental Trading Wild Animal Sticky Board Craft Kit (IN-13649983 $8.50 a dozen) 3 dozen
Oriental Trading DIY Unfinished Wood Car Assortment (IN-27/975 $8.25 a dozen) 1 dozen
Oriental Trading DIY Unfinished Wood Wiggly Snakes (IN-48/3395 $10.99 for 12) 1
Oriental Trading DIY Unfinished Wood Wiggly Reptiles (IN-48/5182 $10.99 for 12) 1
Oriental Trading Jumbo Self Adhesive Jewels (IN-48/6990 $7.75) 2
Oriental Trading Wonderful Wood Markers (IN-56/4039 $8.25) 3
Paint Brushes
Tennis Shoes for Boys (Sizes 2-6)
Duct Tape
Peanut Butter
Latex Gloves
Deodorant for boys
Decorations for Pinewood Derby Cars (paint, stickers, decals, etc.) Enough for 8 cars
Silverware (Set of eight)
Cookie Sheets 2
Large Container of Parmesan Cheese
Large Container of Bacon Bits (Sam’s or Costco)
Lighters for stoves
Large Container of Onion Flakes
Large Container of Ground Pepper (12 oz and up)
Large Container of Curry Powder
Hair Oil
Big Tea Kettle 1
Cereal Bowls 10
Serving Bowels 5
Cups with Handles 10
Sandwich Containers 10
Pans and Lids
Baby Oil
Baby Powder
Diapers (sizes 2-4)
Clothes Pins
Pull-Ups (six 3-5 and for ages 8-10)
Oriental Trading Paracord Cross (IN-13692887 $12.50) 2