By Shana Mickey, Associate Student Ministry Director

For Thursday we returned to our normal camp schedule. At morning program the habit we talked about was that Jesus read the Bible, and we should too. During our forest walk time many campers went to visit and feed the horses nearby. These horses are great- calm and friendly, and very interested in whatever grass you bring them! The kids love seeing the horses. Most of them are a little scared of the big animals, and jump and squeak when they move “too fast” or shake their heads! The kids will hide behind us, using us as a shield. Even so, some of these kids could stay for hours with the horses. Its fun to see them so thrilled by a creature we coloradans pass on the road several times a day- and a reminder of the low income city life most of them come from.

The other critter bringing endless entertainment are the lizards around here. They are everywhere! For the most part the kids are surprisingly gentle with them, and every day during free time theres a group of kids hunting for lizards around the camp. On our first day here, before we even had any campers, our own students did some enthusiastic lizard hunting themselves, so I guess you never grow out of lizards! (Actually I think they’re weird, so I guess I’m old).

On the other side of things, we have sadly had a decent amount of kids go home for fighting. Fights break out over the silliest things- a chair, a ball accidentally hitting someone, etc.
But so many of our kids have this kind of tough guy/sassy girl persona that they feel like they have to defend their honor at the smallest perceived slight. Cussing and wrestling, shouting, hitting, throwing things; lets just say it gets interesting! For us counselors the struggle becomes juggling these kids in constant need of discipline with the ones who are well behaved and are fun to be with. Both kids needs attention desperately, they just have different ways of asking for it.

Once again our students are doing a great job! They are tired.

Be praying for our final day, that we can make it a good one!