By Shana Mickey, Associate Student Ministry Director

Its our last day of camp! For some of us with very difficult cabins, this day comes with a little relief. For others, its bitter sweet. We definitely had more breakdowns today in our kids, tears over a broken lollipop or a misplaced item, and kids brooding over dinner and not wanting to eat. Also more fights!

For the most part today was a normal day. The habit we discussed in morning chapel was that Jesus had compassion. Because this is our last day staff typically give their forest walker kid a gift of some kind. By the end of the week even new campers know about this and are expecting it, so they hurry to you with “did you bring me something!?” Kids being what they are they may or may not be thrilled with what you give them, but hopefully they will remember the care behind the gift more then the gift itself!

The kitchen staff pulled out all the good stuff for our last dinner together, and our evening program was different. We sang lots of silly songs together (potato chips potato chip! I like em crunchy crunchy! And I love Jesus! A bunchy bunchy!). Then the camp lead staff gave out camper awards. Each day we awarded a girl and a boy for being a good example of that days habit of Jesus. We also awarded two good sportsmanship awards. Finally we had a girl camper of the week and a boy camper of the week! Every kid on stage was thrilled to be there, and receive a gift Bible. It was a fun moment. Then we watched a long slideshow full of pictures and videos of the week.

We ended the evening with all the counselors getting in a big circle around the campers and singing a sweet song to them about how we are all a circle of christians who love them. Hugs and tears came after this, and goodbyes. For many of our campers this was an emotional time.

Be praying for tomorrow morning as we get campers packed up and the camp broken down, and we say our last goodbyes!