By Shana Mickey, Associate Student Ministry Director

Today was a very long day of travel and training, but we got here!

We arrived at the San Jose airport, and were picked up by a large yellow school bus. Our first stop? In and Out Burger for lunch of course!

It was a slow trek in California traffic to the camp, but we eventually arrived. Upon disembarking from our bus we were immediately thrown in with the rest of our fellow camp staffers to begin training.

The rest of the day was filled with group ice breakers and activities, dinner, and times of training in preparation for our upcoming week. We are making many new friends- most of us are pretty spread out across tents and cabins, and it’s been fun getting to know the people we will serve with all week.

Keep us in prayer for patience and attention during trainings, open hearts and minds to new friends, and the coming of our campers tomorrow.

Check back each day to read all about what we’re up too.

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