By Shana Mickey, Associate Student Ministry Director

We have made it through another full day of camp! Heres how a typical day looks for us:

Bright and early each cabin or tent receives a wake up visit of their choice. It can be a song, a knock on the door, a reenacted soap opera, a football game….you get the picture! Counselors and kids get ready for the day and make their way slowly to the area in front of the eating hall. There they engage in a competition to see which cabin or tent can be the most awake, do a cheer, stretches etc, and they do this before each meal. This, combined with who went to bed the best the night before, determines who will eat first…and who will eat last!

After breakfast is cabin clean-up and then we begin our morning session. We have songs, activities and Ken Kensley gets up to teach our lesson. This year’s theme is all about the habits of Jesus, and how we can practice them too. Actions like prayer, serving others, being thankful and having compassion. Next comes the forest walk- each staff person has 1-2 campers as their only focus for the next 45 minutes. We talk about the lesson, and we talk about our lives. Maybe we play a card game or make designs in the sand, or walk through the woods. Often real relationships are built here!

Then comes a short break for the counselors as they head to a staff meeting and the kids play games with the rec crew. Lunch is followed by rest time, and then the afternoon is taken over by open rec. Cabins and tents rotate through different activities such as volleyball, swimming, crafts, kickball and board games. After this comes dinner, and then our evening program!

Evening program is all for fun! We have lip sync battles, and many of the kids sign up for a chance to be on┬ástage, while we cheer like crazy and sing with them! Cabins and tents do skits and dances, and the staff have something they call Samurai Theater- a goofy skit that continues every night full of ridiculous costumes and silly jokes. We award kids who were nominated by there counselors for being awesome that day, and then Ken Hensley bids us all good night and reminds us of that day’s lesson.


Be praying that the little dramas and fights that have broken out will cool down, and we don’t have to send any more campers home. Pray for our tiredness to disappear and patience to overflow!