Happy Easter! Jesus is alive! It’s an awesome month in Mountainview Kids as we celebrate our risen Savior and share stories of brave men and women who told others all about Jesus.

This month is all about “Go and Tell,” and we’ve even written a fun cheer to help your preschoolers remember that we are to go and tell others that Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

On the first Sunday of April, we will celebrate Easter with our preschoolers. Then, your little ones will hear the great commission—how Jesus asked His disciples to “go and tell” everyone everywhere about Him. They will learn about Peter, who was put in jail because he was so good at “going and telling,” and the angel God sent to free him. Finally, they will hear about Paul and Silas who were also amazing at the “go and tell” mission. They’ll get to reenact the earthquake that God sent to free them from jail. Through each of these stories we pray that our children will learn that God wants us to “go and tell” also, and that He is with us as we do.

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give preschoolers a “first look” at the God who loves them, made them, and wants to be their friend forever!

~The Children’s Ministry Team @ Mountainview