Blue Christmas
Dec 17, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Organizer: Dan Hettinger

Sometimes celebration is complicated by grief and hard times. It was into the darkness of such times that Christ was born. Our souls ache as we look for His presence and hope for comfort, healing and even meaning in our pain. To give everyone the opportunity to experience the reality of Christmas, a special service is being hosted by Mountainview Christian Church in Highlands Ranch.

The beautiful music of Christmas, the gentle lights of candles and Scriptures from the ages will be presented appropriately for those with heavy hearts.

Come and light a candle:

  • In memory of a loved one you’ve lost. You may want to bring a picture as you honor their memory.
  • To shine God’s love into the darkness left by a divorce or a lost love.
  • For the hope of Christ to shine in a sickness, setback or loss that shocked your world.
  • And pray for the Prince of Peace to invade the darkness of our world attacked by terror.

May Christ be real and adequate to you in every way you need this Christmas.

CHILDCARE: If you need childcare, please contact Tracy Van Vleet (