Leaders Training
Mar 11, 2017 at 9:00 AM
Organizer: Jonathan Shaw

Join us as Steve Cuss from Discovery Church teaches us  "Leadership as Anxiety Management" and "Intentional Focused Service."  The first is based on Family Systems theory and Edwin Friedman’s approach to leadership. The basic thesis is that leadership health is all about managing anxiety - your anxiety and the anxiety that is put on you by others, either individuals or groups. The path is self-awareness, knowing triggers, and the ability to ’think about the way you think.” He was trained in this approach as a hospital chaplain and it is invaluable to church work. Another way to frame it, “leadership is the space between knowing what to do and not knowing what to do." The second topic will show us how the church (and groups) can best serve our community to make a difference.

Jon Shaw will review some basic group leader practices and practical training, Ken Hensley will wrap up the training with some vision casting.  

As always, brunch foods will be provided.  Please contact Jon Shaw at jon@mtnvw.org if you'd like childcare to be provided.