24 Hours of Prayer
Feb 8, 2020 at 12:00 AM
Organizer: Dan Hettinger

24 Hours of Prayer & Scripture Reading
Pray for Spiritual Awakening so that many experience salvation through Jesus and live a transformed and holy life.
Throughout history, in the darkest times, Spiritual Awakenings occurred. 

Through a powerful move of the Spirit of God communities and cultures were transformed as many came to Christ. Conviction and confession of sin, repentance and turning to God became contagious. Churches were filled and destructive behaviors in the culture declined. Turning to God produced personal and cultural change, reverence and holiness.

With great desire for God and a profound sense of need for our culture, the Mountainview family, collectively, devotes itself to 24 hours of Scripture and prayer.

For at least an hour, come out of the noise, the demands, the busyness and the crowds. Hear the Scriptures read near the fireplace.  Enter the Worship Center and follow the prompts to maximize your individual time of seeking God for His work in your life and for a Spiritual Awakening in our culture.

There will be security and hosts for all 24 hours.

Just come or sign up at:

24 Hours of Prayer

24 Hours of Scripture Reading