Mountainview Student Ministry

Experience that Makes a Difference

Our student ministry team has years of experience working with students from junior high through college. Your student will benefit from a team approach that will prepare your student for the challenges they face.

Family Ministry Approach

We believe that parents are the key to the spiritual growth of their children. That is why our student ministry team works closely with our Mountainview Kids team to provide a comprehensive approach to family ministry.

Fall Refresh Retreat

Learn more about our upcoming fall retreat.

An Active Student Ministry

One of the reasons many people move to South Denver is because of the great schools that are available for their kids. We believe having a great church community is even more important. It’s one of the reasons we have invested in a growing student ministry. Your student will have weekly opportunities to grow closer to God and to other students and adult sponsors. In addition, they will be challenged to develop a spirit of service by going on annual mission trips that have included places like Jamaica, San Francisco, and Mexico. Learn more below.

Regular Weekly Programming

Sunday Morning Middle School and High School 4:12

We believe small groups are an important part of our walk with Christ and our spiritual growth. They help us build community with fellow Christians, discuss and learn about the Bible together, and figure out what it means to be the Church here in this world. As a student ministry we feel that small groups give our students a safe place to talk about their lives and learn to support and encourage one another. It gives them positive interactions with Christian adults who take an interest in their lives, and helps them learn about Christian Community. Our student LifeGroups begin with food, a game or activity, a short teaching and then spend most of 4:12 in our small groups.

Our middle school students (6th-8th) meet on Sunday mornings at 9 am and high school students (9th-12th) meet at 10:45. We encourage parents to serve in one of our weekend ministries (such as children’s) while their student is in class and then to worship together during the other service.

Wednesday Night ENGAGE

Our mid-week programming known as “ENGAGE” takes place each Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 pm and meets in the Celebration Center. More often than not bringing friends to church can be scary and intimidating. For a student who has never been to church before many of the things we do seem weird, and talking about the Bible can be hard to understand. So at Mountainview we have Engage, a place where students can bring their friends to experience church in a way that makes them feel welcomed, cared for, have fun, and hear the gospel in ways they can understand and relate to.

At Engage we do many different things. Perhaps one night will be a game night. Another night we may have music and hear a testimony from someone willing to share their story of coming to Christ with teenagers. Maybe one night we’ll do a service project or watch a movie!

Important Forms

All students must complete our medical release and waiver forms. To complete those forms, click here.

Student Ministry Team

Shana Mickey

Shana Mickey

Director of Student Ministries

Debbie James

Debbie James

Student Ministry Admin Support