Church Planting

New Churches and Campuses

With help from churches throughout Colorado, Mountainview began as a new church in 1992.

It’s not hard to understand why starting new churches is a part of our DNA — we believe church planting is the single most effective way to help lost people find their way back to God.

Through our partnership with Church Planters of the Rockies (CPR), we have helped start over 30 new churches in 22 years.  These churches are as close as Aurora and as far away as Texas (OK, Ukraine and Peru might be a bit further than Texas).

In addition to our ongoing support of church planting through CPR, we continue to seek God’s direction for the addition of Mountainview satellite campuses throughout the South Denver metro.

Front Range Christian ChurchLocal New Churches

Our newest local church plants are Elevation Christian Church in Aurora (launched in 2010) and Front Range Christian Church in Castle Rock (launched in February 2014).

We have also provided funding to help start Inversion Community, a new church beginning in Highlands Ranch starting in November 2014.

In addtion, we work with Church Planters of the Rockies to help start churches across Colorado. Our senior pastor, Ken Hensley, is currently a CPR board member.