By Matt Cass, Student Ministry Director

Today we did another early morning devotional and breakfast and then went to help a man named Reggie. Reggie goes to the Open Door church and with all the recent rain his house was severely flooded. Our 8th graders and Dan all donned masks and gloves and set about carrying up soaked and moldy carpet and other things from the basement while the rest of us carried the stuff the rest of the way to the dumpster. All of our students worked with no complaints!

After lunch we played a game of “loaded” monopoly where different students were given advantages and disadvantages. We learned about some of the systemic reasons for poverty and homelessness while also playing a familiar game.

We served and ate dinner at the Crossing which is part of Denver Rescue Mission. All of our students helped serve dinner to people in the various programs. The staff went out of their way to brag on the service and work ethic of our group.

As we ended our evening we all shared what we would take away from the week. Students shared about learning that we love even when we won’t receive anything in return, the relationships they made with various homeless people, and learning that we should see all people as “regular” people because we are all God’s children. The week has been a blessing to all of us. We head back to Highlands Ranch tomorrow with a greater perspective and desire to go be Jesus in our community.

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