By Matt Cass, Student Ministry Director

Today was a very eventful day. This morning we were up early for group and individual devotional time. After breakfast our crew got our work gloves on and set out to pull weeds (and one large stump!) around the properties run by Open Door Ministries. Others cleaned within the main office house. All our group worked hard without complaining and this student minister was very proud!

After a quick tour of all the outreach ministries and a quick lunch our group split into three subgroups to go on a scavenger hunt. The hunt had us meeting homeless people and learning about them as people and how they live. It was amazing to watch the timidity of all the groups disappear as they engaged more and more people.

After tacos for dinner we headed out down Colfax towards Civic Center Park with a case of water and pairs of socks to hand out to people. We barely made it to the park with any left as our students were meeting and handing them out to everyone they met along the street. Once we reached the park it began to pour down rain but our group just kept on handing out to anyone they saw.

It’s been a good day. Pray for us as we continue to serve with another work project in the morning and engage more of the Denver homeless population tomorrow. Our group is doing great and I for one am anxious to see God work through them again.

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