By Matt Cass, Student Ministry Director

We had a great first evening with our crew here at Open Door Ministries. When we arrived we got a quick orientation and then were put to work cooking our own spaghetti dinner!

After we cleaned our kitchen mess we grabbed our water bottles and headed out into the neighborhood. We went on a prayer walk where we visited various places, heard stories about people and their transformation, and prayed for people in similar situations.

Our students learned about the block and the ministry as well as how people can become homeless. Probably the biggest highlight of the evening was meeting Corina. Corina is homeless and crossed our path on the walk.

Our guide took us over and had us meet and pray for her. In our short time here it is already evident that students are having their eyes opened to what causes poverty and homelessness.

We look forward to seeing how God will use us over the next few days.

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