Welcome to the Big Leagues: Every Man’s Journey to Significance, The Darrel Chaney Story

Written by our own Dan Hettinger

Your life matters, not because of what you have done or what you possess. Even when things go wrong or you make mistakes, your life still matters. It matters, because God says it does.

There is a tendency for a man to measure his worth with the wrong measurement system, to compare his life with others or not like his place on the team. But when a man knows who he is in the eyes of God, he experiences his significance. Every event and relationship has unlimited potential. He has made it to the Big Leagues.

Welcome to the Big Leagues—Every Man’s Journey to Significance, The Darrel Chaney Story, shows a utility player’s struggle–on one of the best baseball teams to ever take the field–with ambushes, setbacks, minimum wage one year contracts and changes beyond his control. But he makes his Top-10 list, encounters the Eternal and realizes he has his place on the team and in history. Through it all, he discovered his God given significance and found it was not only the best way to play in the Big Leagues; it was the way to live a Big League life.

Welcome to the Big Leagues tells the baseball story, and at the same time it helps every man learn the same lessons. He needs to make his Top-10 list, encounter the Eternal and know his place on the team and in history. Every man can experience his God given significance.

Many men are changed by the world, but the man who knows his significance, that his life matters, is a man who will change the world. He is in the Big Leagues.

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