On February 20 we held our second annual Heart-To-Heart Seminar. Heart-To-Heart is one of our Faith Path events offered for families to learn and grow in communication during the crazy years of adolescence.

This year our seminar focused on communicating our hurts.  We began with a fun version of the old Newlywed Game to show how we don’t always communicate well with each other or know each other as well as we could.

Our all together session was led by Children and Families Ministry Director Phil Christian and Associate Student Ministries Director Shana Mickey and covered communication styles and current trends in family communication.

Parents had their own breakout session with Matt Whitt, Youth Pastor at South Suburban Christian Church in Littleton.  Matt shared with parents on how to create space for students to comfortably and safely share difficult things with mom or dad.

Students’ breakout session was led by Shana who shared what topics need to be brought to adults, how students can communicate their own hurt to their parents, and how to listen well to our friends when they hurt.

The night was capped off by dessert together as families and resources to continue the conversation after the seminar.

Our hope and prayer is that through growth in communication, our families are better equipped to deepen relationships with God and with each other.

We’re so thankful for all those who attended and we’re looking forward to next year’s seminar.

Matt Cass

Director of Student Ministries

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