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Five Things Every Kid (and Grandkid) Needs to Know. Helping our kids (and grandkids) see themselves, the world, and Jesus.

What are the Five Things Every Kid (and Grandkid) Needs to Know?

Really Big God (August 4 and 5)

Helping our kids understand the power of God is important. Our job as parents and grandparents is to help our kids learn that God can handle whatever challenge they might face.

You’re Not the Only One (August 11 and 12)

In an environment where fewer people go to church and where an increasing number of people have no religious affiliation, it’s important we help our kids see that they are not the only people who believe in Jesus.

Another Voice (August 18 and 19)

As children grow older, it’s necessary for their spiritual development to have adults serve as mentors and leaders. Often it takes someone other than a parent to get through to them.

Nosey Parents (August 25 and 26)

This message will give parents and grandparents permission to be nosey! It is the responsibility of the parents to know the spiritual progress of their kids.

Uncommon Sense (September 1 and 2)

God’s point of view and his truth should become the filter for how kids view life and make decisions. What our kids need is uncommon sense because the common sense of this world is often opposed to God.

Grow Together Spiritually

If you’re looking for a place where your family can grow in a healthy, spiritual environment then we’d love to have you worship with us. Visit our “What to Expect” page to prepare for your visit. You’ll find important information regarding our children’s and student programming, as well as answers to common questions.

Saturdays at 5:30 | Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45

Children’s programming at all three services. Middle and high school students meet on Sundays at 9 am in the youth room.

40 East Highlands Ranch Parkway
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 (Google Map)

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Our teaching team has prepared a free Family Dinner Guide designed to help you have meaningful conversations with your kids and grandkids about the topics we cover each weekend. One meal, one conversation.

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Our Weekend Speakers

Ken Hensley

Senior Pastor

In addition to serving as our senior pastor, Ken is also a husband and father of two daughters (both in college!). Tonya is a first grade teacher at Southeast Christian School in Parker and they have been married for nearly 28 years

Phil Christian

Family Ministry Director

Phil and his wife, Tara, have one son - Isaac. Tara is a teacher in the Cherry Creek School District.

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